Upcoming Midreign Prime Minister Election & Althing

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Upcoming Midreign Prime Minister Election & Althing

Postby Bustanado » Sun Jul 16, 2017 12:47 am

Current Althing Docket Items:
*Stenius Bustanado for continued holding of the office of Prime Minster:
[ ] Confidence
[ ] No Confidence
[ ] Abstain

Our current list of members eligible to vote in our upcoming Prime Minister elections is as follows:

Sheriff, Lord Rill Roads
Prime Minister, Stenius Bustanado

Voting members should contact Lord Rill Roads with their votes on, or before August 5th, 2017.

Any members of Sylvan Reaches who wish to vote in this upcoming election may do so by contacting Stenius Bustanado on or before the 5th of August, and meeting the below requirements:

a. Have had a signed waiver on record in one of the chapters of Westmarch for at least six (6) months,
b. Maintain membership in no other Amtgard chapters,
c. Be currently dues-paid in Sylvan Reaches,
d. Have no membership in other Amtgard chapters not sponsored by Westmarch for the previous
three months,
e. Have attended a minimum of six (6) of the weekly meetings in the last three (3) months, and
f. Be at least fourteen (14) years of age.

The list of members currently eligible to becoming voting-members is:


Members who could become eligible in the next 3 weeks are:


Please contact Stenius Bustanado for any inquiry. Thank you for your time.

Sylvan Reaches Shadow Government Prime Minster,
Stenius Bustanado
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