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complaint submission

Postby ravenb » Sun Aug 15, 2021 12:05 pm

Dear citizens of Westmarch,
Every one of you is an equally important person and member of our Kingdom. Of paramount importance is that everyone can meet together, have fun and feel safe. If you have a complaint or concern, if you or someone else does not feel safe, be assured that the members of our Investigation Team, myself, the Kingdom PM and GMR, highly respect confidentiality and work hard making sure complaints are investigated thoroughly respecting privacy. If you have a complaint, there is a formal complaint form you can submit, or you can reach out to me personally. We understand it is scary to reach out, but it is also difficult to followup on anonymous complaints. We want every voice to be heard and not silenced by fear of retaliation.
In your service,
The Raven Queen of Westmarch

Here is the link for the complaint submission form ... BSFhxs6l0I
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