Welcome to the Kingdom of Westmarch

Westmarch is Amtgard's 18th Kingdom. Formed in 2007 with lands in California and Nevada, Westmarch's primary goal is to make Amtgard as fun and exciting as possible by integrating all lands in the region.

New to Amtgard?

If you are new to Amtgard, and would like more information about Amtgard in general, please visit the "New to Amtgard?" page.

What is Westmarch?

Summer Midreign 2024

Facebook thread


Dearest populace of the Kingdom, I bring you news of Midreign!

We will be hosting Midreign at the Duchy of Wyvern's Spur on Sunday, July 28 beginning at noon.


Dragonmaster will be judged on a standard 1.0-5.0 scale with the score for each item being the average of the judges' scores.

Dragonmaster will be awarded on the average of an entrant's top three items across at least two of the following categories:

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