Summer Midreign 2024

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Dearest populace of the Kingdom, I bring you news of Midreign!

We will be hosting Midreign at the Duchy of Wyvern's Spur on Sunday, July 28 beginning at noon.


Dragonmaster will be judged on a standard 1.0-5.0 scale with the score for each item being the average of the judges' scores.

Dragonmaster will be awarded on the average of an entrant's top three items across at least two of the following categories:

Garb: Anything you'd wear

Weapons: For fighting with

Armor: has armor points in the Rules of Play

Literature: Is words

Food/Drink: can be eaten

Art: it's primary purpose is to be aesthetically pleasing

Bardic: is a performance


As per corpora here is the tournament format for the kingdom Weapon Master tournament:

The Tournament shall consist of five (5) events, as follows:

Single short sword

Double short swords

Short sword and shield

Single great weapon

Open Weapon

In order to participate fighters must sign up with the tournament organizer(s) beforehand within the allotted time frame.

Each event will start with a 15-minute bear pit style where total wins will be recorded. After completing all five rounds of bear pits, for each event, the 8 fighters who have the most wins will enter a bracket system where they will fight in a seeded bracket in a best two out of three fights.

The winner of the Weapon Master will be determined by giving five (5) points for first place in an event, three (3) points for second, and one (1) point for third. In the case of a tie, half a point (.5) shall be awarded for each win within the brackets.

In the event of a further tie, a best two out of three matches shall be held between those tied in the open weapon category.